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Alex Joseph's Photo Portal

I may be discontinuing the use of the domain, so please bookmark the actual URL of this site which is

I have been taking pictures for many years and I have pictures all over the web. I thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of a portal for them so that one could access all the albums from a single location. Hence this page! Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the album.

Vishal, Noni, Carol and Alex. ABC Farms, Pune-India, Year 2000This is the oldest album I have on the web. It has pictures from our wedding and enagement, pictures from my graduate school days in Michigan, pictures from India, from Savio's visit to the US, from Meena's Birthday, from our trip to Chicago and Indy.

Meena and Carol in Coloumbus, OhioThis album contains pictures that I have taken in recent years.
In this gallery contains albums from Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving of the past several years. It also has pictures from our trip to India last year (2003). The pictures in this album have mostly been taken with my old camera which was a Canon A40 2.1 MP camera.

Loveen, Prachi and Alex. Club Claw, Cincinnati.This album contains the most recent pictures I have taken. These pictures were all taken with my new Canon A80 3.1MP camera. This album has pictures of our new house, Diwali 2003, and pictures of our friends.

Alex @ Murli's place in San Fran, CaliforniaThis album contains pictures from our recent trip to San Francisco, California. It also has pictures from Rohan's first birthday party on February 21st, 2004.

With Dimple and Guru at Rohan's first birthdayThis is my latest album and it has pictures from Rohan's first birthday party on February 21st, 2004. The difference is that this album lets me store upto 250MB of high resolution pictures, so the pictures you will see in this album will all be of high quality i.e 2MP plus.

Picnic in the parkThis page is not really an album, it is more of a photo blog where I have uploaded a bunch of random images.
Pictures of some tulips in our front yard and a picnic in the park (18th April, 2004)

Tulips in our front yardThis is a collection of some of my best pictures that I submit to for critical reviews by others. This helps me greatly in improving my technique.

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